Walkability VS Tranquility

When looking at properties you will likely have options in both highly walkable locations and in beautifully tranquil settings but rarely one that offers both. Each buyer has his or her own priorities. Some simply must be able to walk to work while others prefer to get away from it all at the end of the day. We are lucky that in the Charlottesville area you can find ample properties on both ends of the spectrum.

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Most areas within Charlottesville’s city limits are walking or biking distance to a delicious restaurant, fun music venue, or lovely park. If you go only ten minutes from downtown though, you can find absolutely breathtaking mountain views and peaceful scenery that would make it hard for anyone to want to leave.

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Homes with high walkability often mean high rentability as well. Many first time home buyers I work with like the idea of buying a home that would also appeal to renters. This is a nice safety net for the cautious buyer to know that when they move on to their next home they can have an income producing rental property should they choose not to sell.

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If you don’t want to sacrifice the serenity of nature while bringing in that rental income you may want to consider properties in more peaceful settings with the acreage for additional homes on the property. This would give you plenty of options whether you want to rent it out for additional income, provide truly private guest quarters, have family live on the property, or offer lodging as compensation for a part time property manager.

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When considering a walkable versus tranquil home, maintenance is an item to consider. Walkable homes typically have smaller fantastically low maintenance yards that can be very attractive to those with busy schedules. On the other hand sometimes you need a bit of land to fit your needs. If you want horses, a swimming pool, or large garden you will likely find the properties a few minutes from town with larger lots more accommodating.

Edgewood Caption

The Charlottesville area has such a diverse array of home offerings that you will most definitely be able to find what you need no matter if your preference is next door to a café or away from it all.

sydney for blogSydney Tenhundfeld

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