Do you need an agent to sell your house in a hot market?

Some sellers may get lulled into a false sense of security that their homes will sell without an agent’s help when hearing statistics that the market is stronger than ever and inventory is low. The problem is that a good real estate agent is so much more than simply a service to get it into the MLS.


It is incredibly difficult to be objective about one’s own home. Having an experienced third party perspective can make all the difference in getting your home show ready. Several recent properties were sold the first day on the market because of their agent’s ability to be critical and know when to pull in professional help when needed.

1155 Kensington - Main

1155 Kensington - Living

Shannon Thomas called upon one of her trusted contacts to have this home professionally staged. The work paid off as she was able to get a motivated buyer the first day on the market.

Another example of staging making all the difference is this stunning downtown property. Gorgeous in its own right, this home’s appeal was maximized by staging to secure the seller a top dollar offer in record time.




From the moment you sign your listing agreement with an agent they begin marketing the home. While getting it into the MLS can require weeks of staging, photos, and yard work the agent can start soft marketing your home to other agents as coming soon. This helps agents poise their buyers for a new listing and creates abuzz around the property motivating buyers to come in with competitive offers.


1808 Brenda Ct - Main

My buyer just closed on this home that we were able to get because I knew about it before it hit the MLS. The listing agent spread the word when it would be coming on and I was able to get my buyer in there at first notice with preapproval letter ready. This also proves the necessity of an in-the-know buyers’ agent.


Another strong asset of having an agent is access to advertising. We have the funding built into our business and the relationships with local outlets to get your home in front of thousands. Our firm employs a full time graphic designer to make sure your home stands out and doesn’t get lost in the sea of other homes. This extra step makes all the difference in how your buyers perceive your property and helps set our properties apart from other listings.



Agents know how to get your property in front of as many eyes as possible. In a hot market like this one it shouldn’t take long for a well priced home to sell. Anecdotally in my neighborhood alone there have been 3 agent listed properties all under contract within days whereas there are 2 for sale by owners that have had signs out for months.


Agents have their finger on the pulse of a home’s market value. They can guide you through how to negotiate multiple offer situations to come out with the best offer possible. Getting a home under contract is only half the battle though. Many things can happen between contract to closing from financing mishaps to deficiencies discovered in the inspection. Likely as a homeowner you have only been involved with a handful of transactions in your life. An agent has invaluable experience and a nuanced understanding of how to navigate these hurdles without killing the deal. Having an experienced agent helps protect your interests while maintaining a neutral, third party buffer between buyer and seller.

Interested in cashing in on the hot market? There are still motivated buyers looking for the right property. Contact me to give you an opinion of value and discuss more what Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates and I can do to help you sell your home.

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Sydney Tenhundfeld

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